Excise Stock Register

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Every Registered Dealer has to maintain Stock Register recording the daily receipt and issue of Excisable goods ready for inspection by the officers of the department.

The Excise Stock Register in Tally gives the purchase and sales information. It has two sections, which are, the Receipt section for Purchases and Issues section for the Sales/Debit Note/Credit Note details.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Report > Dealer Excise Reports> Excise Stock Register

Select the

Stock Item

from the

list of items to view the report.


The above screen lists the Purchase details.


Invoice No. /Date: The number given to the Invoice.

Name and Address of the Supplier: The field displays the Name and the Address of the Supplier.

Nature of Purchase: Lists the Nature of Purchase as specified during the Invoice Entry.

Quantity: Quantity purchased.

Rate: The Rate at which the item is purchased.

Assessable value: The Total Assessable Value of the product.

Duty per Unit: The Total Duty amount divided by quantity is printed in this field.

Total Duty: The Total Duty for the Stock Item is displayed in this field. This field captures the total Duties paid.

Cess per Unit: Excise Cess per item is displayed.

Total Cess: Total Cess on the total Quantity of the Stock Item.


The Issue/Debit Note/Credit Note details in the Excise Stock Register are specified in the screen below.


The F6: Date button lists all the Purchase and Sales transactions for a specified period.

Toggle to F6: Purchase Date button to list the Excise Sales/ Excise Credit Note/ Excise Debit Note transactions, for the purchase bills as specified in the Purchase date range.

Duty Details

Duty Passed On/Duty not Passed on: This row displays the details of the Stock Items on which the duty is passed or not passed.

Balance Duty: The Balance available Duty Amount to be passed on is displayed in this field.

Issued Quantity: The Total Quantity of Items Sold/Returned is displayed in this field.

Total Duty: This Field displays the Total Duty utilized in whole or proportionate to the Quantity Issued/Returned. The return inward quantity is displayed in negative.

Total Cess: The Total Cess Amount utilized is displayed in this field.

Use Alt +F1: Detailed to get a detailed Report. The detailed Excise Stock Register appears as shown below.


Vch Type/Invoice No./Date/: The Document type, Invoice number and date as specified in the Sales/Credit Note/Debit Note Invoice is displayed in this field.

An additional column appears.

Vch Type/Invoice No./Date: The Document type, Invoice Number and Date as specified in the Sales/Credit Note/Debit Note Invoice are displayed in this field and the Duty Details column displays the Name and Address of the Party. This Column also details the Duty Passed On, Duty not Passed On and the Balance Duty.

Use the Alt + P key or click on the Print option to print your Report. The printed document will appear as shown below.



The preview of the Excise Stock Register on pressing Alt + F1 is as shown below.


Note: The Excise Stock Register can be printed in Neat Mode format only.