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A Payslip is a document issued to an employee that itemises each component of earnings and deductions, and the net amount paid to an employee for a given pay period. It provides visibility to an employee of how the net amount has been arrived at.

In Tally Payroll, the Payslip option of Display, Payroll reports menu provides users the facility to View the Payslip, Configure content and appearance based on the requirement and then Print the Payslip.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Payroll Reports > Statement of Reports > Payslip


Configuration options in Payslip

Click on

F12: Configure

button in the Payslip to display a configuration sub-form, using which the user can customise the display/printing content and appearance of the Payslip.

payroll_reports_payslip F12 config screen

The default settings for the configuration options are shown above. These options are self-explanatory. The options, which are set to Yes, will become visible in the Payslip. Select No to exclude the information, which is not required to be on the Payslip.

Configuration options in: Pay Slip

Show Vertical Payslip - Set this option to Yes to align Deduction Part below the Earning. Set it to No to align them side-by-side.

payroll_reports_payslip vertical

Show Employee Details - Set this option to Yes to display Employee Details as entered in the employee master.

Show Passport Details - Set this option to Yes to display the Passport Details.

Show Visa Expiry Date - Set this option to Yes to display the Visa Expiry Date.

Show Attendance/Production Details - Set this option to Yes to display Attendance/Production data.

Show Attendance/Production Groups - Set this option to Yes to display grouping of the Attendance/production data as defined while Types creation.

Display Attendance/Production Type in Tail Units? - For compound units used in Attendance/Production Type, set this flag to Yes to display value of the Attendance/Production Data in Tail unit and set the same to No to display data in Main unit.

Show Year To Date values - Set this option to Yes to display cumulative value of attendance/production data or Earning and Deduction data for the current Financial Year.

Remove Zero Entries - Set this option to Yes to remove Earning/Deduction data with Zero value from the Pay Slip

For Attendance/Production Also - Set this option to Yes to remove Attendance data with 0 values from the Pay Slip.

Appearance of Name - You can select the appropriate appearance of name from the Name Style list.

Detailed/Condensed Button

Click on Detailed button or press ALT+F1 to view source details of individual Attendance and Pay Head values. This view displays the Attendance or Payroll vouchers from which the data is picked in the current Payslip. Voucher Number, Date and the Value of the attendance or earning or deduction value is displayed. This is useful when multiple attendance/payroll vouchers are entered during the same payroll period. The user can drill down to the corresponding voucher directly from the Payslip screen.

Click the Condensed button or press ALT+F1 again to return to the normal mode.

Period Button

By default, when you bring up the Payslip view, the Period of Payslip - Attendance and Payroll Vouchers data is set to current month, and in most cases you don’t have to change it. However, if required, you can change the period of data and include multiple-period payroll information to view/print a consolidated Payslip. As in all other Tally reports, there is a great flexibility in terms of Period of Payroll processing as well as in the printing of Payslip.

Employee Button

Using Employee Button (F4 Key), you can view another employee’s Payslip from the existing Payslip display screen.

Printing Single Payslip

Click on Print button or Press ALT+P from the Payslip display screen to print currently displayed Payslip. Tally will print the Payslip in the format that is configured for display.