Memo Voucher

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This is a non-accounting voucher and the entries made using memo voucher will not affect your accounts. In other words, Tally does not post these entries to ledgers but stores them in a separate Memorandum Register.

Uses of Memo Vouchers

Making suspense payments

Consider a company gives its employee cash to buy office supplies, the exact nature and cost of which are unknown. For this transaction you can enter a voucher for the petty cash advance, a voucher to record the actual expenditure details when they are known, and another voucher to record the return of surplus cash.

However, a simpler way of doing it is to enter a Memo voucher when the cash is advanced, and then turn it into a Payment voucher for the actual amount spent, when the details are known.

Consider the following Example.

The Company pays its employee Rs. 500 as petty cash advance for Office Expenses.

The following entry has to be passed.

1.Enter Date
2.Debit office supplies


Vouchers not verified at the time of entry

If you do not understand the details of a voucher you are entering, you can enter it as a Memo voucher and amend it later when the details are available.

Items given on approval

Generally completed sales are entered into books. Incase items are given on approval, use a Memo voucher to track and convert it into a proper Sales voucher. You can delete the memo voucher if the sale is not made.