New Features in Tally 9

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Release 1.31

Release 1.3

Release 1.21

Release 1.2

Release 1.11

Release 1.1

Release 1.0

Release 1.31


Earlier making an advance payment to a party through the single entry mode would not calculate the TDS amount. However, now the TDS amount appears appropriately.

Mismatch in Credit and Debit Balances

Receipt vouchers created in the double entry mode using foreign currency used to display a mismatch in Credit and Debit balances in the alteration mode. The mismatch in balances has been resolved.

Negative Stock Warning in Journal Voucher

Create a stock item with an opening balance of considerable units and pass a delivery note against it. Using a Journal Voucher to record a sales transaction tracking the delivery note would display a warning message of negative stock even though a considerable amount of stock was left over. The same has been addressed appropriately in Journal voucher.

Migrating € to Tally 9

Data migrated from Tally 7.2 used to display the Euro currency symbol , as a box in Tally 9. However, modifications done will successfully migrate to Tally 9 now.

Booking FBT Expenses

Corrections have been made in the Ledgers of FBT Category report to display details of FBT expenses booked by means of a Memorandum voucher report.

Price lists and Stock Items with Negative or Zero Balance

Set Allow Invoicing and Use Multiple Price levels to Yes and Allow Sales Order Processing to No in F11: Features> Inventory Features. In such circumstances, the Price Rate in Sales invoices created using Price Lists for Stock items having a Negative or Zero Balance used to appear late or would not appear at all.

The error in displaying the Price Rate in such conditions has been resolved.

UDF Value left Blank

With Maintain Multiple Godowns in F11:Features> Inventory Features set to Yes, Sales transactions for a stock item with UDF value at the Batch Allocation Level left Blank when viewed in the alteration mode, displayed the UDF value specified during the Purchase of the same item. The issue has been addressed.

Excise stock duty details after data rewrite

With Dealer Excise enabled in F11: Features > Statutory & Taxation, the Excise duty details of Excise Stock Items available in hand, were getting deleted after a data rewrite. This issue has been fixed to retain the Excise Duty values.

Migrating String UDF value specified under Voucher Object

Earlier, migrating data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 9 would not display the String UDF value specified under Voucher Object in Tally 9. However, modifications have been done to ensure successful migration of the same.

UDF Values specified under Company Object

Modifications have been done to ensure that the values of String and Date UDFs specified under Company Object appear in Tally 9 on migration from Tally 7.2.

Release 1.3

Performance in Networking Environment

In a networking environment, if the Server has Windows XP and Clients have Windows 98 as the operating system, Tally performs efficiently with improved data stability.

The error Record Insertion Failure will not occur in Tally while working in a networking environment.

Day Book

Selecting Cost Centres in the option Alt+F12: Range from Day Book, lists the appropriate options.

Voucher Printing

Set the option Print after saving voucher to Yes in the Voucher Type Alteration screen, to print a Rejection in/ Rejections Out voucher, after saving.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Voucher Type > Alter

Interest calculation in Forex

A Sales transaction created using Forex currency and Interest calculation, calculates the Outstanding Forex Interest accurately.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Accounts > Interest Outstanding > Ledger > Customer

Ledger Account

Tally now prints the address of the Sundry Debtor / Creditor ledgers, while printing a ledger account.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Account Books > Ledger

Ratio Analysis

If the Nett Profit is lesser than the Return on Investment% or Return on Working Capital, Tally displays the values with a negative sign.

Maintain balances bill by bill

Altering a ledger created under Sundry Debtors or Sundry Creditors, by setting Maintain balances bill by bill to Yes affects only the selected ledger and not the Group.

Columnar Profit & Loss A/c

Go to Gateway of Tally> Profit & Loss A/c > C: New Column

Tally displays the Columnar Profit & Loss A/c report for any specified period and prints the report accurately.

Migration Tool

Licensed users may now migrate data to Tally 9, using the Tally Data Migration Tool on Tablet PCs and Desktop computers of higher processor speed.

Multi Account Printing

Go to Gateway of Tally> Multi Account Printing> Outstanding Statements> Ledger> Group of Accounts> Select the Group

Set Start fresh page for each Account in the Printing Ledger Outstanding screen to No and print the outstanding ledger accounts along with accurate On Account details.

Printing Invoice

Tally prints with proper line spacing on Pre-Printed stationery

Printing List of Accounts

While printing the List of Accounts, pressing Enter in the Report Generation screen will not take the cursor to the Type of Masters field.

Go to Gateway of Tally> Display> List of Accounts> Alt+P

Actual – Billed Quantity

Tally captures correct Actual and Billed quantities in Delivery Notes with any reference number and with Maintain Multiple Godowns in F11: Features > F2: Inventory set to Yes.


While printing multiple vouchers using the Multi Voucher Printing option, use Alt+T: Titling and set Print page numbers in the report to No, in order to stop the printing of page numbers on all pages.

Designation of Signing Authority

The Designation of Signing Authority appears in the print configuration screen and print preview, only if Confirmation of A/cs is selected as the Style of Report.

Interest Parameters

Advanced Interest Parameters entered while creating a ledger appear accordingly at the time of voucher creation.

Interest Calculation

Tally calculates interest rates appropriately for occasions where different rates have been specified for different periods.

Formal Receipt

While creating Receipt vouchers, Tally displays the name of the Branch/Division or Capital A/c Ledgers in the field Name of Receipt, when Print Formal Receipt after saving is set to Yes in the voucher type

Cheque Printing

Tally captures the name of the Branch/Division or Capital Ledgers in the field Name on Cheque while creating Payment vouchers.

Foreign Exchange

A Purchase entry made in foreign exchange with Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation in F12: Configure set to Yes, display appropriate values when viewed in the alteration mode.

Multi Column Cash/Bank

You can use the Multi Column Cash/Bank option in Multi Account Printing to print Multi Column Cash/Bank with columns and get well-defined prints of the same.

Tracking Consignee

Tracking of Purchase or Sales Orders, created with different Buyer and Consignee names in Receipt and Delivery notes displays accurate Consignee Details.


The address entered in the Godown creation screen appears legible.

Bank Reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation statement displays appropriate entries as configured in F12: Configure.

Go to Gateway of Tally> Display> Account Books> Cash/Bank Book> Cash Bank Summary> Drill down to the Ledger Vouchers screen and press F5: Reconcile.

Stock Journal

The value in the rate field of a Stock Journal (Transfer of Materials) appears appropriately.


You can now print the Reference number entered in the Stock Journal entry.

Purchase/ Sales Order

The list of Party or Customer ledgers is displayed appropriately, while creating a Purchase/ Sales order respectively.

Rejection In/ Out Vouchers

The Rejection Inward/ Outward vouchers display the customer details as entered in the Mailing Details section of the Customer ledger creation.

Inventory Report

The Godown – wise Inventory reports now displays accurate balance values whereas multiple Godowns are maintained.

Price Level

Creating a Price Level, using Alt+C from the Price List screen will display the same in the Price Level field spontaneously.

Security Control

Tally provides access to the features/ options as specified in the Security Levels screen.

Cost Centre

Set the option Show Cost Centre Details also to Yes in the Multi Account Printing for Group of Accounts to print the Cost Centre details.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Multi Account Printing > Account Books > Ledger > Group of Accounts


Configuring Payslip

Tally allows you to configure the Payslip to define the Height & Width.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Payroll Reports > Statement of Payroll > Payslip>Alt+P and then press F12: Configure for the printing configuration

Authorised Signatory

You can now configure your Payslip to include the signature of an Authorised Signatory.

Pay Head

Once you select a Pay Head from the List of Pay Heads in the Salary Details Creation screen, the Pay Head and its alias will not be displayed in the selection list.

Excise for Dealer

Local Sales Tax Number

The Excise Sales Invoice prints the Local Sales Tax Number, entered in F11: Features > Statutory & Taxation, if the VAT feature is not enabled.

Secondary Education Cess on CVD

Tally now supports the calculation of Secondary Education Cess on CVD on Excise Stock Items.

The following new columns have been added to print the duty value in the sales section of Excise Sales Invoice

Rate of Sec Ed Cess on CVD
Sec Ed Cess on CVD Amount

The Sec Ed Cess Amount column in Purchase Section of Excise Sales Invoice will capture the duty value.

The Excise Purchase Bill Register and Excise Stock Register will capture the value in the Total Cess Column

Range and Division in Excise Sales Invoice

The Excise Sales Invoice captures the address of the Range and Division specified in F11: Features > Statutory & Taxation

Range and Division

The field Range/ Code and Division/ Code in Excise Sales Invoice has been renamed to Range and Division respectively.

Excise Opening Stock

You can enter Narration while creating the Excise Opening Stock in Tally.

Excise Purchase Invoice

Tally allows you set different duty values for a single Excise Stock Item, which can be set to zero while creating different Types of Purchases.

Excise Sales Invoice

The Excise Sales invoice now prints the title as follows:

1.The original copy being marked as ORIGINAL FOR BUYER
2.The duplicate copy being marked as DUPLICATE FOR TRANSPORTER
3.The triplicate copy being marked as TRIPLICATE FOR ASSESSEE
4.The subsequent copies NOT FOR CENVAT PURPOSES

While printing a single copy of Excise Sales Invoice, the title will not be printed.

Excise Stock Item

The Excise Stock Item alteration screen will now display the Tariff Classification below the field Excise details in the Tax information section, to identify the Excise Item.

Refreshing of Duty Value in alteration mode

While creating an Excise Purchase Invoice, if the Duty Value is changed, Tally retains and displays the same when viewed in the Alteration mode.

Duty names in Excise Invoice

The Excise Sales Invoice will capture the duty names of the Stock Item appropriately, as specified in the Excise Purchase creation (CVD name instead of BED).


Surcharge Value

Tally calculates accurate Surcharge Value on the total amount specified in the Party Payment Entry, if the field Ignore Surcharge Exemption Limit in the Party ledger is set to No.

TDS Ledgers

While creating a voucher without using TDS ledgers, in a TDS enabled company, Tally displays all the fields appropriately.


POS Invoice

Set the option Use Additional Description(s) for Item Name to Yes in the POS Invoice Printing configuration to print Additional Item Description in a POS Invoice.

Cancelled POS Invoice

You can now preview a cancelled POS Invoice in the alteration mode.

Job Costing

Job Work Analysis

Use Alt+F1 to view the voucher details of the selected ledger in the Job/Project Monthly Summary report.

Go to Gateway of Tally> Display> Statement of Accounts> Job Work Analysis> Job/Project Monthly Summary

Release 1.21

Minor Enhancements

Service Tax

Secondary Education Cess Effective Date

To comply with the Finance Act 2007, Tally provides the Additional Secondary and Higher Education Cess (SHEC) @ 1%, effective from May 11, 2007

Note: Secondary and Higher Education Cess @ 1% was effected in Stat version 53 from April 1, 2007. You need to re-accept any voucher passed with SHEC (from 1.4.2007 to 10.5.2007) to update the SHEC calculation.

New Service Categories

The following new Service Categories have been provided:

1. Telecommunication service

2. Mining of mineral, oil or gas

3. Renting of immovable property service

4. Works contract Service

5. Development and supply of content

6. Asset management

7. Design Services

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

Calculation of TDS Surcharge

Surcharge is calculated appropriately in the alteration mode.

Form 16A

Form 16A in TDS has been revised.

Change in TDS Tax Rate

1.Effective April 1, 2007, the TDS Tax rate for Rent of land, building or furniture for deductee type Individual/HUF - Resident has changed to 15% and for all other deductee types the tax rate has been revised to 20%, effective from June 1, 2007.
2.Effective June 1, 2007, the TDS Tax rates for deductee type Resident have changed with regard to the following Nature of Payments.
Commission or Brokerage to 10%
Fees for professional or technical services to 10%

New TDS Nature of payment

The following new TDS Nature of payments have been provided:

Rent of Plant, Machinery or Equipment at 10%, effective from June 1, 2007.
Any Other Interest on Securities as per sec.193 for all Resident deductee types at 20%, effective from April 1, 2004.

TDS Nature of Payment

Rent has been renamed to Rent of Land, Building or Furniture.

Tax Collected at Source (TCS)

Calculation of TCS Surcharge

Surcharge is calculated appropriately in the alteration mode.

Form 27D

Form 27D in TCS has been revised.

Display of State Name

Tally now displays Uttaranchal as Uttarakhand in accordance with its recent renaming. Tally also displays Chhattisgarh appropriately. To effect these changes in Tally, go to Gateway of Tally > Company Info. ( Alt + F3) > Alter. Select the appropriate state from the List of States and accept the Company Alteration screen to save the changes.

Tracking Delivery and Receipt Notes in a Journal Voucher

Enable Use Tracking Numbers (Delivery/Receipt Notes) in F11: Features > Inventory Features to facilitate easy track of Delivery and Receipt Notes in a Journal Voucher.

Release 1.2

New Features

Excise Opening Stock

Tally allows you to record the Opening Stock Balance of Excise Stock Items. Refer to Excise for Dealers for more details on Creating an Excise Opening Stock.

Calculation of Secondary Education Cess

With effect from 1st April, 2007, Secondary Education Cess displays accurate values when selected with other Types of Duties such as TDS, TCS, FBT and Service Tax.

Calculation of CVD (On Import)

Tally calculates CVD (On Import) on (Assessable Value + BED) appropriately in accordance with legal requirements.

Start of new Financial Year

Tally displays a warning Change in Date may cause loss of Data if the financial year is altered in the Company Alteration screen.

VAT Payment Vouchers – For India Only

You can record details such as Payment period, Challan No. and so on, for each transaction while creating the VAT Payment vouchers.

VAT Declaration in Excise Sales Invoice

Tally displays a VAT Declaration in the Print Preview of an Excise Sales Invoice that has utilized VAT ledgers.

Education Cess on CVD in Excise Sales Invoice

Tally now calculates Education Cess on CVD in an Excise Invoice.

Duty Heads for Customs and Excise

Select the appropriate Duty Head for Excise from the Type of Duty/Tax list while creating Ledgers under Duties & Taxes.

Major Enhancements

Speed of Data Transfer

Tally now facilitates faster report generation.

Pending Purchase Order

While entering a Purchase Voucher against a Purchase Order with different delivery schedules, the Item Allocations sub screen displays only the Pending Purchase Order quantities.

List of Delivery Note Vouchers

Press F12: Value and enter the appropriate Range of Information in Report to view vouchers in the required format at the List of Delivery Note Vouchers report which is available in Statistics in Statement of Accounts.

Excise for Dealers

Self Importer details in Excise

Tally now displays the Self Importer details in the Excise Sales Invoice.

Printout of an Excise Sales Invoice

Tally allows you to print the Excise Sales Invoice with three stock items and three different tax ledgers on a single page.

Name and Address of Self Importer

The print preview of the Excise Stock Register and Purchase Bill Register report includes the Name and Address of the Self Importer.


Editing a Cancelled POS Invoice

You can edit a cancelled Single Pymt/Multi Mode Pymt POS Invoice and re-enter the Invoice.

POS Invoice Printing

Set the option Print Batch Details to Yes in the POS Invoice Printing Configuration to print batch details in the POS Invoice.

Service Tax

Sales Voucher Class

You can use Voucher classes to create Sales invoices for Service Tax.

Switching the Service Tax Invoice to Voucher Mode

You can now toggle from Invoice mode to Voucher mode using the Ctrl+V keys in the Service tax voucher.


Exporting Pay Heads

Tally now offers you the flexibility to export Pay Heads from List of Accounts report. Select Alt+E (Export) to bring up the Exporting List of Ledgers screen. Select Pay Heads from the Type of Masters list.

Tax Deducted at Source

Amount in Formal Receipt

The printout of a Formal Receipt Voucher with TDS Receivable deducted displays the accurate total amount.

Minor Enhancements

VAT Registration Number in U.K. VAT Analysis Report

The U.K. VAT Analysis report displays the VAT Registration number for all the Purchase and Sales entries.

Cost Centre Allocation in Payment/Receipt Voucher

The Cost Centre allocation sub screen in Payment/Receipt vouchers appears appropriately.

Inventory Vouchers

Use Alt + A from the Stock Vouchers screen of the Stock Item Monthly Summary for faster access to the Inventory/Accounting Voucher creation screen.

Stock Journal

Details of a Stock Journal Voucher display appropriately after Printing.

Forex Transactions in Job Costing

Set Show Forex Transactions only in F12: Configure to Yes to display the Forex transactions in the JobWork Vouchers report.

Interest Calculation using Multicurrency after Importing

The Forex Rates appear accurately at the Voucher entry level, after import of data that contain Interest Calculation.

Foreign Exchange values in Ledger Vouchers report

The ledger voucher report for Foreign Exchange transactions displays accurate Foreign Currency values for specified periods.

Closing Balance in Stock Summary

The Stock Summary report displays the appropriate Stock Item Rate and Value for Items sold at a discount.

Payment Voucher

A single Payment voucher inclusive of a discount created for multiple ledgers in the double entry mode using To/By during entry and later altered to Cr/Dr, displays accurate values.

Display of Multiple Ledgers and Groups

The Name of Ledger and Name of Group are shown appropriately at the Multi Ledger and Multi Group display screen.

Multi Column Cash/Bank Book

Printing a Multi Column Cash/Bank Book from Accounts Book at Multi Account Printing shows accurate Opening Balances and Total values.

Forex Gain/Loss display after Splitting data

Forex Gain/Loss adjusted previously does not reflect in the Balance Sheet following the split of Company Data.

Balance Sheet display after Splitting data

The Balance Sheet displays accurately following the split of Company Data.

Multi Account Printing of Inventory Books

Select All Items at Multi Account Printing and set Start Fresh Page for each Account is to No to display the Closing Value in the Item register and the Quantity at Physical Stock Entry.

Cost Centre Allocation

Set Show Cost Centre Details in F12: Configure to No while selecting Cash or Bank Accounts during the entry of a Payment or Receipt voucher in the double entry mode to prevent the appearance of the Cost Centre Allocation screen.

Allocating Cost Centres

Set Pre-Allocate Bills for Payment/Receipt to Yes in F12: Configure during the entry of a Payment or Receipt voucher in the double entry mode to facilitate the allocation of Cost Centres to ledgers.

Multi Voucher Printing

You can use the Multi Voucher Printing option to print vouchers/invoices with details of Party Name, Item and values.

Columnar Register Alteration

Drill down to the Voucher Register from the Sales Register, click F5: Columnar and select All Items (automatic columns) at Type of Column to view complete details of all the items at the Voucher Register.

Purchase Voucher Class

Set Override Using Item Default to Yes during the creation of a Purchase Voucher Class and create a stock item with the option Set/Modify Default Ledgers for Invoicing to Yes and enter appropriate values for Quantity and Rate. These values will display appropriately during Purchase Voucher entry as well as in the alteration mode.

Stock Summary report with Show Profit

Set Can Quantities of Items be Added to Yes when creating a Stock Item under Stock Groups to display appropriate values for transactions using the above mentioned Stock items in the Stock Summary report.

Tax Collected at Source

Printing of TCS Invoice

Set Print in Simple Format and Print TCS Details to Yes in F12: Invoice Printing Configuration to display the break up details of Income Tax, Surcharge and Cess in the TCS Invoice.

TCS Challan

The breakup of TCS payment details is captured in the TCS Challan.

Gross Amount

When you enable TCS and VAT for a company, the TCS Details sub screen in Sales Accounting voucher displays the Gross Amount inclusive of VAT.

VAT – For India

Voucher Number in VAT Classification Vouchers Report

When you drill down from the VAT Computation report, the VAT Classification Voucher screen displays Voucher Reference Numbers for all Purchase and Sales vouchers.

Voucher Date in VAT Classification Vouchers Report

The Voucher date in a VAT Classification Vouchers report appears in the numeric date format (e.g. 1-4-2007).

VAT – For Philippines

Invoice Printing Configuration for Philippines

Set the option Print VAT Analysis of Items at the F12: Print Configuration screen to Yes/ No while printing invoices for Philippines.

Excise for Dealers

Excise Sales Invoice

The Excise Sales Invoice prints the appropriate declaration in the Declaration field.

VAT/Excise Details in Dealer Excise

The Supplementary Details sub form displays VAT/Excise Details appropriately at Excise Sales Invoice creation.


POS Invoice

The POS Invoice displays the appropriate details both in Single and Multi Payment modes.

Service Tax

Printing Service Tax Enabled Sales and Purchase Voucher Types

Set Print after saving Voucher? to Yes to print a Service Tax enabled Sales and Purchase Voucher Type.

Fringe Benefit Tax

FBT Computation Report

The FBT Computation report displays accurate tax values.

Central Sales Tax

Display of Debit Note in Stock Vouchers Report

The Stock Vouchers Report at Stock Summary displays accurate Closing Stock values as well as correct Item rates and CST Values in the Outward Column for a Debit Note passed in As Invoice/As Voucher mode.

Deactivation of Form D

With effect from 1st April, 2007, Form D will no longer be tracked for CST in Tally to conform to Government regulations.

CST with/without C form

The general rate of CST on all goods with the C form has now been set at 3%. The rate of CST on all goods without the C form has been modified to the Local VAT or Sales Tax rate.


Payslip Title

A Payslip printed for a defined period using the Multi Payslip Printing feature at Multi Account Printing displays the title Payslip for period ----- to -----.

Release 1.11

Major Enhancements

Secondary Educational Cess in Excise for Dealers

The budget for 2007 – 2008 has introduced a Secondary Educational Cess at the rate of 1% of the aggregate duties of custom and excise from March 1, 2007. To accommodate the same in Tally Excise for Dealers, we have incorporated a new type of duty Secondary Educational Cess.

Incase of excise duties, Secondary Education Cess on excisable goods will be chargeable on the aggregate duties of excise (Excluding Education cess) levied on such goods. The method of calculation of the Secondary Education Cess will be the same as that of Education Cess, which was introduced in the 2004 budget.

The Cess breakup will be displayed in the Dealer Excise Sales Invoice.

Rewrite of Existing Data

Tally 9 Release 1.11 prompts you to rewrite the existing Tally 9 data automatically.

Minor Enhancements

Multi-User Environment in Educational Mode

Tally 9 Release 1.11 works as a multi-user even in the Educational Mode.

Printing Declaration

While printing a Sales invoice, the option to set Print Declaration? to Yes or No appears in F12: Invoice Printing Configuration for all companies regardless of their Statutory Compliance for settings.

Declaration in Sales Invoice for Accounts Only Company

Set Print Declaration? to Yes or No in F12: Invoice Printing Configuration. The Declaration entered in the Sales Voucher Type Alteration of an Accounts Only Company will display in the Sales Invoice.

Release 1.1

Major Enhancements

New Attributes in Tally.ini

Tally introduces three new attributes to the Tally.ini file.


Download Stat.900 Version 51

Download the new Stat.900 Version 51 from to use West Bengal and Chattisgarh VAT Returns and TDS Enhancements in Tally 9 Release 1.1

FIFO Perpetual

Tally introduces a new method of inventory valuation FIFO Perpetual, which is similar to LIFO Perpetual. The Normal FIFO treats the opening balance of the financial year as the terminating rate to apply for residual stock. FIFO Perpetual takes all existing past data. Both LIFO and FIFO Perpetual are capable of changing the valuation when the company is split unlike their ‘Annual’ versions, which are consistent.

Abatement in Service Tax

Tally now offers you the flexibility of entering the desired percentage of abatement in service tax.

Sales Invoice Printing

You can now print any number of sales invoices, with the appropriate print title.

Option to Print Invoices as Excise or VAT Invoice

Tally now offers you the option Print as Commercial Invoice at the Print Configuration screen. Set it to Yes/No to print an Invoice either in the Commercial (VAT) or Excise invoice format.

Performance and Data Migration in Tally 9

Tally 9 comes with enhanced performance and improved stability over the previous versions. The data migration tool has also been enhanced resulting in more accurate and speedier migration of data.

Minor Enhancements

Show Godown-wise Details

Use the option Show Godown-wise Details in Gateway of Tally > F12: Configure > Voucher Entry to obtain details of stocks in godowns during Voucher entry.

Display of Date and Buyer Name in Sales Sub-form

Set the option Allow separate Buyer and Consignee names to Yes in F12: Configure > Configure Invoice / Orders Entry. On entering the order number manually in the supplementary sub form of the sales voucher, the date and the name of the buyer appears automatically.


A Budget for an expenses ledger for which no transaction has been passed will display exact ledger wise values both in the Profit and Loss account and the Trial Balance.

Calculation of Cess in an Excise Purchase entry

Tally now calculates excise duty on the Assessable Value (Total purchases less Discount) as entered. Calculation of Cess is based on the excise duty payable.

For eg: Total Purchases = Rs.10000

Discount = Rs. 2000

Assessable Value= Rs. 8000

Excise duty = Rs. 1280

Cess = Rs. 26

Excise Duty:16% of Assessable Value = Rs. 1280

Cess: 2% of Excise duty = Rs. 26

Contact details in Outstanding Statement

The printout from Multi Account Printing of an Outstanding statement for a group (such as Sundry Debtors) will display the contact details for each debtor from whom bill amounts are pending.

Total Invoice Value in UK VAT

The Total Invoice amount of a sales voucher passed in the Invoice mode displays in the column Total Invoice Value of the UK VAT Analysis Output Details Report.

Tax Invoice for Indonesia

Set Enable VAT in F11: Company Features > Statutory & Taxation to Yes to display the field Is Tax Invoice? in a Sales Voucher Type Creation screen.

Bill-wise Details for Outstandings in Multi-Currency Transaction

Tally displays accurate bill-wise details in the Ledger Outstandings Report for a ledger that has an opening balance in a currency other than the Base Currency.

VAT Classification – Date Range

A VAT Classification that is applicable for a month, for example, from 1.4.07 to 30.4.07, does not appear for selection during master or voucher entry before 1.4.07 or after 30.4.07

Change in Name

The field Appears in Payslip ? in the Pay Head Creation screen of Payroll is now changed to Affect Net Salary ?

Display of Attendance Vouchers instead of Payroll Vouchers at the Gateway of Tally

The Gateway of Tally displays either Attendance Vouchers or Payroll Vouchers depending on the level of security assigned in favour of the user at Alt+F3: Company Info. > Types of Security.

Address Details in Cancelled Voucher

A cancelled sales voucher will still display the customer’s address details in the Buyer’s Details field of the supplementary sub-form.

Payroll Reports in Different Languages

Payroll Reports display PayHead, Attendance Type and the Primary Cost Category information, in the language of your preference.

The Paysheet report can also be configured to display in the chosen language with correct total values.

Using Alt+C in Sales Voucher for an Accounts Only company

If you create a Sales Voucher Class in an Accounts Only type of Company and if you select the voucher class while passing a Sales entry, you can navigate to the Ledger Creation (secondary) screen and create a Ledger by pressing Alt+C, from the Particulars field.

Display of Alternative Units

If you pass a Sales entry using a Stock item, which has an Alternative Unit specified, the appropriate value and unit gets displayed in the Rate field for the next sales voucher entered.

Unadjusted Forex Gain/Loss in Balance Sheet

Following a change in the Exchange Rate, the Balance Sheet displays the appropriate Unadjusted Forex Gain/Loss amount.

Position Index

If you have created multiple voucher types under a Voucher Type and if you try to alter any of them, the Voucher Type Alteration screen will display accurate Position Index value.

Quantity Utilized in Excise Sales Invoice

While creating an Excise Sales invoice after the Quantity Utilized in the Supplier Details For sub screen is specified, the cursor moves to the Rate field in the main screen.

Computation of Payhead with On Production Calculation Type

A Payhead that uses the Calculation Type On Production shows exact values for an employee who joins work on a date later than the first of the month when:

Attendance is filled using the Auto-fill option
Payroll voucher is passed for a period or
Payroll voucher is passed for a month

TDS Challan Bifurcations

The bifurcations of a TDS payment entry in the TDS challan agrees with its total.

Printing Daily Breakup

When you drill down from the Daily Breakup of Ledger, the Printout of a ledger voucher for a particular day will show correct opening and closing balances.

Opening Balances in the Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet displays accurately the closing balance of the previous year as the current years opening balance.

Display of Additional Description for Ledgers and Items After Migration

Additional descriptions configured for Ledger and Item names during Ledger entry display accurately along with their respective values after migration from Tally 7.2 to Tally 9.

Stock Valuation Calculation

Data migrated from Tally 7.2 to Tally 9 that contains entries passed for Stock transfer from one godown to another utilizing FIFO or Average Cost as the Costing Method will show accurate quantities when you drill down from the Stock Summary Report to the Stock Voucher.

Job Costing Option While Creating the Cost Centre

The option Use for Job Costing ? can be set to Yes/No in the Secondary Cost Centre creation screen.

Form 16 for a TDS Ledger

You can generate Form 16A for a TDS Ledger even when it has been reconciled without specifying the Bank Name.

Additional Cost on a Stock Item

Additional cost on a stock item is taken into consideration for Stock Item Inwards as well as for its Closing Value.

Migration of TCP Files

UDF values, values set at each line level of the bill allocations sub form and Receivables display accurately after migration of a .tcp file from Tally 7.2 to Tally 9.

Migration of Data

Migration of Data is successful on a computer having Internet Explorer 7.

Data is successfully migrated in the following cases

Data Migration into another machine
Statutory Master Files migration
Creating a new company


Synchronization of data takes place successfully without duplication in Windows – 98 and Windows- ME Operating Systems.

Stock Summary Details

View accurate and detailed Stock Summary particulars of two companies using the New Column button.

Display of Stock Journal Values After UDF Migration

Default UDF values used in a Stock Journal display accurately after migration from Tally 7.2 to Tally 9.

Movement Analysis of Inventory

An Item Movement Analysis Report accurately displays Values for a stock item for the period selected.

Items in Stock Ageing Analysis

In the Stock Ageing Analysis screen, if Primary is selected at the Items Under field, the Values in the Total Quantity and bifurcated quantity columns are appropriate.

Quantity in Stock Ageing Analysis (<90 days)

In the Stock Ageing Analysis screen, the Quantity field in the (< 90 days) column displays the accurate values.

Column Titles in Columnar Sales Register

Tally displays column titles in the Columnar Sales Register screen in the language of your choice.

Multi Form 27D Printing

Form 27 D can be printed for a TCS ledger using Multi-Account Printing for a specified period.

Reorder Status

The Re-order level column in the Inventory Reorder Status screen displays details of actual consumption.

Column Detail in Monthly Summary Report

You can press Alt+N (Auto Column) and select any Column Detail from the list at any monthly summary report screen in Tally.

Tracking Delivery Notes

If you create a Delivery Note with Tracking Numbers enabled, and later enter a Rejection In, Tally will display only the delivery note raised against the particular customer in the List of Tracking Numbers.

Migrating Marks to Tally 9

If you have specified Marks as Exporter options in Sales or Purchase vouchers in Tally 7.2, you can migrate the same to Tally 9.

Name on Receipt

If you alter the name of a Sundry Debtor for which you have created a Receipt in the single entry mode, then the name specified in the Name on Receipt at the time of the voucher creation will be retained in the Name on Receipt field and can be altered if required when the receipt is viewed in the alteration mode.

Printing Sales voucher

If you have passed a sales entry using a Sales Voucher class where set Print after saving Voucher to Yes and view the print preview of the same voucher in the alteration mode, the VAT% amount will appear in the invoice.

Decompiling TCP

You can decompile the TCP, migrated from Tally 7.2, using the Tally Developer 2.7.

Viewing Columnar Register in a Windows XP and 98 Environment

In a Client-Server environment, if the Server and one Client have Windows XP as the operating system and another Client has Windows 98, the Columnar Register can be viewed at ease.

Group Summary

You can specify a Period and view the Group Summary details.

Invoice Numbering

If you have enabled the Print after saving Voucher option in the Purchase Voucher Types, the Invoice numbering will appear appropriately on the Print preview for those Purchase entries.

Bill Wise Reference

If you pass a Purchase Voucher with Bill-wise Details, while Enter Purchases in Invoice Format is set to Yes in F11: Features, and later press the Page Up key, the appropriate Bill Reference and amounts are displayed.

Release 1.0

Tally 9 – The World’s Most Powerful Concurrent Multi-lingual Integrated Business Accounting Software is now enhanced with major new capabilities like Payroll, POS Invoicing, Service Tax for Malaysia, Sales Tax for Malaysia and VAT for Indonesia besides numerous minor functional improvements in the product.

New Features

POS Invoicing
Multilingual Support
Statutory and Taxation


It has been integrated with accounts, in order to simplify Payroll processing. Payroll can be configured to suit the requirements of various types of organization.

You can now configure, align and automate simple to complex payroll processes. You can print pay slips, maintain salary/wages and attendance/ leave/ overtime registers, and generate Gratuity and Expat reports. You can also configure Payroll Data with cost centre reports for business analysis.

The enhanced Payroll in Tally 9 is now simple and allows you to generate a Payslip four easy steps.

POS Invoicing

POS Invoicing in Tally is equipped with ease of use and advanced capability to simplify your retail operations. It efficiently automates the ‘check-out’ process, and allows you to create invoices and collect payments from customers, in a matter of moments.

Multilingual Support

Tally 9 now provides the language interface support


Bahasa Melayu





Statutory Compliance and Taxation

Tally 9


provides you with compliance of VAT for different states in India. It

also provides you


Tax for Malaysia



Tax for Malaysia


VAT for Indonesia.

Minor Enhancements in Tally 9

Display of TDS Bifurcations

The TDS bifurcations are displayed when you book expenses for amounts in crores.

Display of Bank Reconciliation Date in Form 16A

Form 16A displays the bank reconciliation date.

Gridlines in Printed Price List

Tally 9 prints the price list with grid lines. When printed, all the pages of the price list appear with grid lines.

Cost Centres with Scenario

Scenarios can be viewed in the Cost Centre Break-Up Report.

For example, pass a Reversing Journal for a Cost Centre. Create a scenario and include the Reversing Journal.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statement of Accounts > Cost Centres > Cost Centre Break-up

Select the cost centre from the list and press Alt + C (New Column). Select the Type of Value (Scenario), and set Show variance to Yes, to view details of its variance.

Stock Item with Different Rates in Invoice

When a stock item is repeated in an order with different rates, values and additional descriptions, the invoice displays the stock item individually, in separate lines.

Negative Quantity Warning

During invoice entry, the negative quantity warning is provided, not just on the total closing quantity of an item, but also on the quantity of a selected batch/ godown/ location of that particular item.

Exclusion of Groups for Payment and Receipt Vouchers

While creating a Class for Payment/ Receipt Vouchers, you can exclude Groups under the section, ‘Exclude these Groups,’ to prevent them from appearing during Voucher Entry.

Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors are not included in the ‘Exclude’ list.

Report Title in Multi Account Printing

To display the Group Name as a report title when using the Multi Account Printing option,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Multi Account printing > Account Books > Ledger > Group of Accounts

Select the required Group.

Display of Credit Days

While passing a Purchase entry in Voucher mode, the number of credit days specified in ‘Due Date’ displays in the Voucher under Credit Days.

Altering Single Groups in Multi Group Alteration Mode

You can alter a Single Group in Multi Group alteration mode.

Altering a Forex Purchase Transaction

When altering a Purchase invoice of a Forex transaction with Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation set to Yes in F12: Configure, the Item Allocation sub-screen retains the currency selected.

Display of Surcharge in Credit Note

The surcharge paid on TCS is displayed in the Credit Note.

Period-wise VAT Forms

Enhanced memory makes it possible to open VAT Forms for any period, including the fourth quarter.

Order of Ledgers in Purchase Invoice

Set Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation and Accept Supplementary Details to Yes in F12: Configure, to retain the order of additional ledgers entered in a Purchase Invoice even when you are in the alteration mode.

Invoice against Sales Orders with Additional Ledgers

You can now enter an invoice, with Use Common Ledger A/c for Item Allocation set to Yes in F12: Configure, against the sales order with additional ledgers.

Purchase Vouchers

All Purchase Vouchers with/ without VAT selected, or Purchase Voucher types, with Print after Saving Voucher set to Yes, are error-free after they are saved.

Staggered Delivery

In Tally 9, an order containing different due dates can be tracked, using a single delivery note.

Interest on Loans to Sundry Debtors/Creditors

Interest received on loans given to Sundry Debtors/ Creditors is accounted with a Debit Note/ Credit Note using a Voucher Class. The Interest Receivable Report displays only the pending interest receivable and not that for which a Debit Note/ Credit Note has been raised.

Period in TR-6 Challan

Tally 9 gives you the option of specifying the period for Service Tax payable, which is captured in the TR-6 Challan.

Setting Off Excise Duty Credit Against Service Tax Payable

Tally 9 allows you to set off Excise Duty Credit against Service Tax Payable. This excise duty credit can be availed for inputs as well as capital goods.

Display of Date of Deposit/ Payment in Form 16A

After TDS Reconciliation in Tally 9, the date of Deposit/ Payment is appropriately displayed in the TDS Form 16A.

Inclusion of New ST3 Form

Tally 9 includes the new ST3 Form of Service Tax.

TCS Surcharge Rounding Off

The TCS Surcharge Rounding Off is accurately displayed in Tally 9.

Printing Cheques in Foreign Currency

This is a significant enhancement. Tally 9 allows you to print a cheque in a foreign currency, Go to F12: Configuration > Printing > Payment Voucher

Set Print Foreign Currency Symbol to Yes.

Performance Enhancements

Import of Statutory Masters

The speed at which Statutory Masters can be imported has been greatly enhanced.

Display of VAT Computation Report

The VAT Computation Report now displays at a greatly enhanced speed.

Display of VAT Return Report

The VAT Return Report now displays at a greatly enhanced speed.

Export of E-TDS Report

The E-TDS Report can be exported at a greatly enhanced speed.

Important tasks to be performed by existing customers

Statutory Compliance For

Users, who have upgraded from Tally 8.1 to Tally 9, have to select a country from the List of Countries at the Statutory compliance For field, to enable the statutory features of the required country in Tally 9.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Cmp Info (Alt + F3) > Alter

Using TCPs Migrated to Tally 8.1 in Tally 9

Tally 9 will rewrite the format of the TCPs migrated from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1 and creates a backup file with the extension .BAK

For example, if you migrate the Emp.tcp file to Tally 8.1, it will appear as Emp9.tcp. When the same .tcp file is loaded on Tally 9, the backup file created will appear as Emp9.BAK

Note: You need to rename the .BAK file to .tcp, if you wish to use the migrated .tcp files in Tally 8.1.

Budgets in Tally 9

Budgets created for different periods in Tally 8.1 are combined in the First budget period itself, after migration of Tally 8.1 data to Tally 9. Hence, you are advised to manually recreate the budget in Tally 9 after migration, to avoid any possible loss of data.